How to Make an Easter Bonnet from Card

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Lilac Easter Bonnet

To make an Easter Bonnet out of a sheet of card, take a piece of A2 size card and cut off approximately a third of it. Keep this safe as this will make the brim.

Easter Bonnet Construction Image

Take the larger piece and form a cone so there is a small aperture at one end and large one at the other. Fix with staples. The small aperture now becomes the back of the cone and the large aperture will be the front.

Easter Bonnet Construction Image

Where the paper meets at the bottom, cut a wavy ‘w’ shape. The middle part of the w should be big enough to fit around the back of the wearer’s neck.

Easter Bonnet Construction Image

Trim the remaining third of the card into a brim shape. Fix this to the top front of the cone with tape so that it sits up at an angle from the cone. Use Glue or Double Sided Sticky Tape to attach a long piece of Ribbon along the join where the two bits of card meet. The ribbon should be long enough to reach underneath the wearer’s chin and be tied in a bow.

Easter Bonnet Construction Image

Decorate with Tissue Paper, Felt, ready-made flowers or embellishments or real flowers as you wish.

Easter Bonnet Felt Flowers

To decorate with Felt Flowers, simply cut out heart shapes of varying sizes from some Acrylic Felt and pinch the rounded end to crease in the middle. I find just a staple at the back is the quickest, easiest way but a couple of stitches or a drop of glue can be used as well. Arrange, overlapping the ‘petals’ and ‘leaves’, and either staple, sew or glue in place.