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Arches For Oil 300gsm Paper 38x28cm Pack 20 Sheets

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Arches For Oil 300gsm Paper 38x28cm Pack 20 Sheets.

Arches Oil Painting Paper is 100% cotton, 300gsm and a natural white colour. It has been specially designed for oil painting and has the same characteristics as canvas. Arches paper for Oil allows you to paint on paper without priming it first.

Arches Huile paper looks and feels like traditional Arches Aquarelle cold pressed paper but has a high-tech oil barrier that allows you to paint with oil colour and solvents. The solvents absorb evenly while allowing the paint to sit on the surface. Arches Oil Paper has a tough surface that can take scrubbing with stiff bristle brushes, as well as lifting out highlights with solvents and a rag.
This paper is ready to use without preparation, can be cut or torn to size. It is a lightweight alternative to a canvas surface and is great for oil sketches.

Supplied as a pack of 20 cut quarter imperial size sheets 15"x11" (38x28cm). As quarter size sheets - being cut from larger sheets - each sheet may have one or two 'deckle' edges and some sheets may have the Arches watermark.

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