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Curtisward Bockingford Mix Pads

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Watercolour Paper Pads & Blocks Offer
Versatile Curtisward Gummed Pads with a mix of Bockingford Surfaces.

These pads contain 12 sheets of genuine Bockingford 300gsm Watercolour Paper in the three surface options - 4 x Rough, 4 x Cold Pressed (NOT) and 4 x Hot Pressed.

As expected with Bockingford, all surfaces are perfect for watercolour. Watercolour behaves differently on the different surfaces so this very useful pad will allow you to produce work in different styles or, if you are starting out, allow you to see which surface best suits the way you like to paint. See our guide to Watercolour Paper for a brief explanation of how the different surfaces affect Watercolour.

It is also great if you like to work in a wide range of media. The pad comes with a guide to help you see which surface is best with which media.

Offered by Curtisward in collaboration with St Cuthberts Mill in three sizes - A3, A4 and A5. Gummed on one edge.