Metal leaf, size, varnishes and paints for achieving true metallic finishes on canvas, wood, metal, paper and ceramics from leading manufacturers such as Roberson, RGM and Winsor & Newton.

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Gilding can add glitz and glamour to almost anything and, therefore, can be applied to all kinds of art, craft and interior design projects. This section offers paints, waxes and leaf in such finishes as gold, silver, Copper, pewter and brass which achieve a realistic metallic finish on paper, card, canvas, leather, wood, plaster, stone and ceramic as well as re-invigorating metals and gilded items.

What is metal leaf? Metals can be hammered out into very thin sheets that can be glued onto a surface. Most metal leaf is an imitation of the real metal. For instance, Gold Leaf tends to be Dutch Metal – an alloy of copper and zinc and Silver Leaf, aluminium. Real gold and silver Leaf is available but at a far greater price.

What is Liquid Leaf? Liquid Leaf is a metallic paint – in shades of gold and silver – that consists of metal particles held in a solvent. The metal particles give a true metallic finish whilst the consistency allows for easy brush application.

What is a gilding wax? Gilding wax consists of a mix of waxes and metallic powders to produce a highly metallic finish. It can be applied with a finger or soft cloth and will go on wood, plaster, stone or cover or blend in with an existing gilded surface.

How do you apply Metal Leaf? The traditional way of applying metal leaf is to cover smallish areas of the surface to be gilded with size – a type of glue – and laying the leaf gently onto it, brushing away any surplus leaf with a soft brush and then smoothing and/or burnishing the gilded area. The benefit of using size – either acrylic or Japan size – is that it stays workable for very, very long periods allowing you to position and perfect the leaf.