Spray Paint

Professional and hobby spray paint for art and craft from Montana, Liquitex and Marabu.
Spray Paint can be used for spraying furniture and objects d'art or for creating 2D and 3D works of art in a wide range of materials such as canvas, wood, concrete, brick and metal.

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Spray Paint was first thought of by Bonnie and Ed Seymour and produced by Seymour of Sycamore, Inc. of Chicago in the late 1940s bringing together aerosol and acrylic paint technologies for industrial and automotive purposes. However, where there is paint, there will always be someone wanting to get creative with it!
By the 1970s and 80s, the graffiti sub-culture had exploded as a result of the availability of Spray Paint with its immediacy, portability, ease-of-use and effectiveness. Street Art was greeted with an equal mix of admiration from those who liked the new experience of seeing Art in their daily lives and apoplexy from those who could not accept it as an Art Form at all. Even today, whilst some Street Artists sell works for thousands and are accepted Artists, unauthorised works are illegal, being classed as Criminal Damage, and fixed penalty fines are imposed on anyone caught. This being the case, many Spray Paints and accessories are designed to play to this edgy undercurrent with a quick, clean getaway in mind!
But, with the advance of Street Art, the quality of the paint, the range of products and the number of Art Materials’ manufacturers involved in making it has advanced too with companies such as Liquitex and Royal Talens joining the likes of the more established street brands of Montana and Molotow. Works executed in Artists’ Spray Paints are, now, as likely to be seen in top exhibitions and galleries as the more traditional materials are. 
Spray Paint has not been lost on the crafter or designer either due to the fact that it comes in large ranges of colours, can be used on many different surfaces and covers well. It is, therefore, ideal for painting interior and exterior furniture, frames, decorations and displays in a wide range of materials which makes it a staple of interior designers, model makers, scenic artists, window dressers and prop makers.