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Wooden Dip Pen Holder With Brause No.361 Steno Nib


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Wooden Dip Pen Holder With Brause No.361 Steno Nib. Brause Steno nibs have a very fine point, highly flexible and with high ink capacity. Please note the wood pen holder may vary in shade (lighter or darker) to the one shown in the image.
Nib Holder length approx 165mm. 'Rose' nib fitting.

Please note: As with all dip pens some nibs may require 'seasoning'. This is due to an over zealous use of coating that is used to protect brand new nibs prior to use so can occur in the occasional nib from any brand or type. To season, simply hold the nib over a candle flame for a second or two to make the nib hold onto and allow the smooth flow of ink. Repeat if necessary. We would recommend using tweezers to hold the nib to ensure hands and wooden nib holders are kept away from the naked flame. Please take care when doing this and it should only be done by an adult.