Curtisward Jam Jar Labels for Halloween Treats

A Halloween Tuck Shop!

Everyone likes a treat now and then…but, with this Halloween trick, will they be so keen to treat themselves?!

Lizards' tongues

With the addition of some ghoulishly grusome labelling, you can suggest that some tasty treats may be something else entirely! So perhaps, they would care for some Lizards’ Tongues?

Halloween Sweet Jars

…or, perhaps, some Spiders’ Legs or 1 or 2 of the Witch’s Teeth?

Liquorice Laces make great spider legs, Milk Gums are great as slightly yellowed, mis-shapen teeth, rolls of strawberry laces make very convincing Lizards’ tongues and Chocolate Nibs make for brilliant bats’ droppings! Or raid your local sweet shop* and let your imagination run wild!

Halloween Sweetjar label bats' droppings

Click here for free printable Halloween Trick or Treat Sweet Jar Labels from Curtisward.

*Thanks to The Sweet Collection, East Molesey for helping us to choose just the right sweets and not mind us turning them into our Trick or Treat Titbits!!