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Da Vinci Kolinsky Red Sable Series 1505 Spotter Brushes

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Da Vinci Kolinsky Red Sable Series 1505 Spotter Brushes. The Da Vinci Series 1505 Sable Spotter Brush is ideal precise painting and retouching artwork. These Spotter brushes have extra short, selected pure Kolinsky red sable hair and short black polished handles. Da Vinci Sable Spotter brushes are also ideal for watercolour painting as the Kolinsky sable hair will hold the water and paint better making the colour flow for longer. Approximate full brush length is 18cm. Sizes given below refer to the length and approximate diameter of the brush head at the widest point.

Size Diameter Length
5/0 0.35mm 3mm
4/0 0.5mm 3mm
000 0.75mm 3mm
00 0.75mm 3.5mm
0 1mm 4mm
1 1.25mm 5mm
2 1.5mm 6mm
3 2mm 8mm
4 2.5mm 9mm
5 3mm 11mm
6 3.5mm 12.5mm
7 4.5mm 14mm
8 5.5mm 16mm
9 6mm 18mm
10 6.5mm 20mm
12 7.5mm 22mm