Decorating Jam Jars to store your Easter choccies

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 Sweet Easter Jam Jars for Mini Eggs

This is a simple but very effective way of turning an ordinary jar into a unique Easter Egg storage solution or a gorgeous gift.

Craft Materials for decorating Jam Jars

All you need to do is mask off a bunny shape on the jar and then cover the jar with paint. Bunny shaped templates have been provided below if required. To mask off the shape, draw or copy a bunny shape onto some sticky back plastic such as Frisk It! Masking film and cut it out. Alternatively, you can stick some pieces of masking tape to the glass and using a very sharp Scalpel, cut the shape and remove the surrounding bits to leave just the bunny shape.

Holding a jar steady with a putty rubber or white tac

Top tip – so that you still have 2 hands to position or cut out your mask, hold the jar in place with a big chunk of blu-tac, white adhesive tack or even a kneaded putty rubber.

Mixing Pastel Colours in Acrylic

Acrylic Spray Paint such as Montana Gold Spray Paint will give a smooth, durable finish but, if you don’t like the odour, Acrylic Paint in tubes will do the job very well. If you are mixing a pastel colour, put the white in first and add a little colour at a time to achieve the desired shade.

Load the brush with water to add some fluidity to the paint but do not thin it too much or you will not get a good coverage and use a softer brush to avoid any brush marks.

An Easter Display

Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before attempting to peel off the masking film or tape and, then, gently lift pulling the mask from the edge towards the centre of the bunny shape.

To finish off the jar, cut a circular piece from a paper napkin to make a frill under the cap. Acrylic paint will go on both glass jars and metal lids but remember that all applied paint can be scratched off if you dig into it. The longer a paint has to ‘cure’ onto a surface, the more hardwearing it will be so it is a good idea to make your jars at least a week before you give them as a gift.

Template for two Bunny shapes