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Faber Castell 9000 Double Hole Sharpener Box

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The quality of a sharpener, especially the blade, is crucial for optimum sharpening of wood-clad pencils. Due to their robust and hard leads, graphite pencils can be sharpened to a very thin point. Given their softer leads, color pencils are sharpened to a shorter and blunter point. This handy double-hole box sharpener with titanium plated knife is suitable for both standard and jumbo pencils, graphite and coloured. The convenient design makes it easy to neatly tuck the sharpener into the casing and slide it out when in use. Pencil shavings collect inside the box and can then be emptied by removing the top of the sharpener. The hole in the casing also allows for the sharpener to be attached or hanged for quick access, whether it be in an art studio, on a school bag/pencil case or simply to keep handy whilst on-the-go. Each sharpener measures approximately 70mm in length, 33mm in width (closed) and 20mm in depth. The sharpening box is a translucent green, making it easy to see when the box is becoming full, with solid green casing featuring the Faber Castell logo.
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