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Faber Castell Finest Pitt Pastel Artist Pencils Tin Set of 12

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Faber Castell Pitt pastel pencils have a wax-free pastel lead that can be completely smudged and must therefore be fixed afterwards. The colours are highly pigmented, luminous and have excellent lightfast qualities and colour stability after fixing. They are based mainly on inorganic colour pigments which offer a very soft, balanced and harmonious colour range.

Pitt pastel pencils are particularly suitable for lines, hatching, fine colour gradations and also for large areas. They can be used for sketches, studies, portraits, still life and landscapes.

Colours included in this set: 101 White, 106 Light Chrome Yellow, 109 Dark Chrome Yellow, 118 Scarlet Red, 127 Pink Carmine, 138 Violet, 151 Helioblue-Reddish, 140 Light Ultramarine, 167 Permanent Green Olive, 168 Earth Green Yellowish, 283 Burnt Sienna, 199 Black

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