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Faber Castell Polychromos Finest Artist Pencil Tin Set of 36

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Faber Castell Polychromos colour pencils have been developed using the most up to date technology. For many years they have been the standard for many artists, architects, graphic artists, illustrators and designers. Polychromos Artists pencils have long lasting colour intensity and high covering power thanks to their base of pure pigments. Polychromos Artists pencils have a particularly soft and water-resistant oil pastel pigment lead. They are incredibly soft and supple and produce a rich stroke that cannot be smudged. The high elasticity of the leads, which can be sharpened finely, allow the drawing of filigree details and also the filling in of large, intense blocks of colour.

Polychromos Artists pencils have an excellent covering power and therefore many different materials can be used as a background, such as paper, cardboard, wood or textiles.

Colours included in this set: 101 White, 102 Cream, 104 Light Yellow Glaze, 107 Cadmium Yellow, 108 Dark Chrome Yellow, 111 Cadmium Orange, 115 Dark Cadmium Orange, 121 Pale Geranium Lake, 219 Deep Scarlet Red, 217 Middle Cadmium Red, 225 Dark Red, 133 Magenta, 124 Rose Carmine, 125 Middle Purple Pink, 249 Mauve, 157 Dark Indigo, 151 Helioblue-Reddish, 120 Ultramarine, 140 Light Ultramarine, 110 Phthalo Blue, 153 Cobalt Turquoise, 156 Cobalt Green, 264 Dark Phthalo Green, 163 Emerald Green, 171 Light Green, 112 Leaf Green, 168 Earth Green Yellowish, 191 Pompeian Red, 190 Venetian Red, 187 Burnt Ochre, 184 Dark Naples Ochre, 180 Raw Umber, 177 Walnut Brown, 274 Warm Grey V, 271 Warm Grey II, 199 Black

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