How to Draw a Halloween Skeleton

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Dancing Skeletons

You know the old joke? – Why don’t skeletons dance? Because they have no body to dance with! But these jolly scarey skeletons love a boo-gie!

Transferring the printed image to black card

Print out our line drawing, below, onto some normal copy paper and cover the reverse of the print out in white pastel. Rub the pastel in and blow away any loose powder.

You will now be able to place the print out, skeleton up, on a black piece of card or paper and as you draw over the lines, the chalk or pastel will be transferred to the black surface. You can repeat this on a number of bits of card to create your own Halloween Bunting.

The line drawing completed

Don’t worry if there are any smudges at this stage as you will be able to rub those off later. To avoid excess smudging though, don’t let your hand rest on the print out and don’t let it move around on the card.

Colour it in with a white pen

Once you have your skeleton outlines drawn out, use either acrylic paint or pen to paint him and then rub out any areas where the white pastel is still showing.

I have cut him out with Decoupage Scissors but another idea is to use triangular pieces of card in a more traditional bunting style.

With some cellotape, attach some string to the back of the skeleton to let him dangle and dance. For maximum night time effect, soak the string in black ink and allow to dry before attaching to the card so it is not visible and makes the skeleton look as though he is jiggling around in mid-air!

Our Skeleton Template

What’s a Skeleton’s favourite song? Anything by Boney M!