Ring a Ring of Roses, A Pocket Full of Posies...

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A Halloween Posy

Halloween props don’t have to be all about blood and gore! How’s this for a cheerful, celebratory decoration or costume accessory in Halloween colours?

Materials needed to make a Halloween Posey

Only simple materials needed – buttons, ribbon, wire and a glue gun.

Buttons sprayed with Montana Gold Spray Paint

No need to worry if you can’t find buttons in those Halloween shades. Simply spray any buttons you have with Montana Spray Paint!

Wire Twirls

Single buttons or layers of buttons make the flowers, twisted wire makes tendrils and straight wire makes the stems. Use the glue gun to secure the layers of buttons and flower heads to the wire and then wrap ribbon around the stems to make the posy.

Buttons sprayed with Montana Spray Paint

Top tip: When spraying the buttons, build up the colour gradually and leave to dry for as long as possible. Place them on a non-porous surface such as a sheet of perspex, move them periodically to ensure they don’t stick to the surface and spray both sides of the buttons.