How to make a Lolly Stick Christmas Star

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A Christmas tree would not be complete without a Christmas Star!

A Lolly Stick Christmas Star

Take 6 Lollysticks and make 2 triangles, gluing them at each point with a glue gun. Place one triangle on top of the other upside down and glue in place. Start wrapping your Starmist Glitter Thread around the lollysticks, occasionally sticking it in place with a small dob of glue, until you are happy with the effect. Feed some Ribbon through some of the strands and make a loop to hang your star from.

The materials need to make your Christmas Star

The Craft Materials to make a lollypop stick and glitter thread star for the Christmas Tree

Here are some suggestions for alternative decoration ideas-

  • Paint your Lollysticks and use a complimentary or even contrasting colour of Starmist Glitter Thread
  • Leave the Lollysticks natural and use natural garden twine for a rustic look 
  • Spray your Star with Glitter Spray Paint for extra glitz 
  • Spray the Star lightly with Spray Mount and sprinkle with glitter for lots of glitz!