How to make a Model of an Easter Bunny

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Hand Crafted Easter Hats

Whether you have made your Easter hat from scratch or are just looking to decorate an existing one, here is a guide to making a Bunny decoration from Polystyrene Egg Shapes and Pipe Cleaners.

Easter Bunny made from Polystyrene shapes and Papier Mache

A pack of mixed sizes of polystyrene eggs can be used to make a wealth of different figures and objects by stacking, cutting and shaping and sticking to each other. Use kebab skewers as dowels and glue with PVA. The dowels hold the different polystyrene bits together whilst the glue sets so you don’t have to sit there holding it! And the PVA dries to make a really secure join. Pipe cleaners are just as good as armature wire for craft Papier-Maché.

Constructing the Bunny

To achieve a smoother surface and to absolutely ensure that the figure is solid, cover the whole figure in strips of paper that have been dipped in watered-down PVA and leave to dry. Your figure will now be ready to be painted in suitably pastel spring shades. Student Acrylic Paint is ideal.

The materials that made the Bunny

Because the finished model is so light, it can be attached to the top or brim of your Easter bonnet or Easter Boater.