How to Make a Witches Hat Halloween Prop

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A Witches Hat

This witch’s Hat can be used as a prop for a Halloween Party or as a great sweet container that can be left outside to let ‘Trick or Treaters’ help themselves.

Wire mesh armature

Use Wire Mesh to make the basic shape. I find that using bits of masking tape cover over any sharp edges.

Plaster gauze covers the armature

Cover in strips of plaster gauze. Wet the gauze to the consistency of a wet flannel and smooth over the armature with your fingers.
Allow to dry – overnight should be OK but if you can leave it for longer, even better. Once dry, you paint the hat or cover in black plastic, felt or other suitable fabric. I spray-painted mine with Liquitex Acrylic Spray Paint which goes on really well and dries quickly.

The finished hat

Add bats and spiders for extra decoration and fill with treats!

A bat to decorate the hat

To make the bat, start by painting a large Polystyrene Ball with Acrylic Paint. Whilst this is drying, draw the outline for the wings and the ears onto a piece off felt and cut out.
Using long Pipe Cleaners, bend to fit the shape of the wings and attach to the felt using a glue gun. Repeat with the outline for the ears.
Once the ball is dry, use wiggly and paint pens to add the features. You can make the bat as scary or friendly as you like!