How to Make an Easter Themed Egg Cosy

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Easter themed Egg Cosies

In stock, we have a great little bundle of A4 pieces of quality Acrylic Felt in lovely pastel shades – perfect for Easter craft. It is lovely soft felt and so it put me in mind of something cute to make that is oh so easy! Just like these Easter Bunny Egg Cosies.

Easter themed Egg Cosies

You can achieve the right size to fit over an egg and egg cup by cutting the A4 sheet into 2 A5 pieces and then folding each A5 piece in half to give you A6.

Egg Cosy template

Use the template as a guide to the shape you need to cut out. With the A5 piece folded you can cut out the back and the front of the cosy at the same time.

The darker mauve areas shows where the glue should be applied

Apply some PVA glue around the edges and on the ears and stick the 2 cut out pieces together.

Ears, eyes and noses

I have used some more felt for the nose and ears and a tiny drop of Marabu Relief Paste for each eye. Final touch – a white Pom Pom for a tail. Alternatively, with some Feathers, you can make little Easter Chicks.

Easter Egg Cosies