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Liquitex Artists Acrylic Fabric Medium 118ml

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Liquitex Fabric Medium provides a smooth, consistent flow when added to Acrylic Paint that enhances the workability when painting on fabric. This fluid medium controls the bleeding of colours when thinned with water, prevents uneven application of the paint on rough textured fabrics and reduces the stiffness of dried Acrylic Paint on fabric. It does not require heat-setting. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS ? Pre-wash new fabric to remove sizing, which interferes with adhesion. Let dry. ? Test technique on a separate piece. Each fabric has a different absorbency and will affect paint handling. ? Stretch sweatshirts with cardboard for best paint application. ? Applying thick paint to large areas will tend to stiffen fabric. ? Iron on low synthetic heat setting. Use a pressing cloth or iron on reverse side of fabric. ? Note: Loose fabric weave allows more of the color to penetrate the fibers. DRYING TIME ? Varies depending on surface, application and humidity. Paint will dry to touch in 5 minutes to 2 hours. ? After paint fully dries, wait at least 4 days before washing. ? Hand wash and hang dry is best. Do not presoak or use hot water. Wash items inside out.
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