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Liquitex Artists Acrylic Modelling Paste


Liquitex Modelling Paste is an extra heavy body, very opaque paste made from marble dust and 100% polymer emulsion that dries to the hardness of stone that can be carved into and sanded when dry. This makes it ideal for building heavy textures on rigid supports and creating three-dimensional forms to which Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint, Oil Pastel, Oil Bars, Watercolour, graphite or chalk Pastel can be applied. It can be mixed with Acrylic Paint to achieve a tinted paste but note that the paste will slightly whiten the colour that it is mixed with. The Modelling Paste can be applied to a rigid surface, such as wood, with a palette knife, roller or trowel to provide a painting surface. This can be sanded or left rough depending on the desired surface. To achieve a flexible support, mix 50/50 with any of the Gel Mediums. This mixture can also be used to soak paper for a great Papier Mach? mix. Build up thin layers for sculptural creations, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next. Mud cracking may occur but this is usually cosmetic rather than structural and can be remedied by filling with more paste once dry. To prevent cracks, slow the drying rate by covering loosely in plastic.