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Liquitex Artists Acrylic Flow Aid 118ml

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Liquitex Flow Aid improves the flow, absorption and blending of Acrylic Paint and any water-soluble medium, ink or dye. Use in conjunction with any acrylic medium or acrylic colour when increased flow and decreased film tension and friction are important. On non-absorbent surfaces, it will increase the fluidity and open (drying) time of the paint and on absorbent surfaces, it will act as a stain, dye or watercolour. Liquitex Flow-Aid TM is a concentrate and should be diluted with water before mixing into paint. Distilled water is best, since the quality of tap water varies. Do not use undiluted as this may result in poor paint adhesion, cause paint to crack, remain tacky and become water sensitive. Minimum dilution: 1 part Liquitex Flow-Aid to 10 parts distilled water to achieve Flow-Aid Water. Normal dilution: 1 part Liquitex Flow-Aid to 20 parts distilled water to achieve Flow-Aid Water. Do not shake or rapidly stir as this will increase foaming of Liquitex Flow-Aid. Mix Liquitex Flow-Aid water into water based paint only. Do not mix with turpentine or oil paint. Do not use Liquitex Flow-Aid in marbling, as this technique requires that the surface tension of the water film be maintained.
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