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Liquitex Fluid Ultra Matt Medium 237ml

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Liquitex Fluid Ultra Matt Medium Increases the volume of paint, while maintaining the opacity of the color it is mixed into. Economically doubles the volume of paint by adding up to an equal amount (50%) of medium to color with little or no noticeable loss in opacity or change in hue. Opacity of colors mixed with Liquitex Ultra Matte Medium will be higher than if the color had been thinned to the same degree with any other medium except Modeling Paste. The degree to which the color can be extended will vary among the different pigments. When over 50% is added, Liquitex Ultra Matte Medium can act as a weak tinting white, increasing the value of the original color approximately one level. Light colors will be affected less than dark colors. The medium can be mixed with distilled water (1 part medium to 1 part water) to create a matt fixative for pastel, graphite and other drawing media or used straight as a clear surface preparation instead of gesso although the gesso will have more tooth for paint and pastel to adhere to.
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