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Liquitex Artists Gloss Fluid Medium

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Liquitex Gloss Medium is an all purpose Liquitex medium, formulated to be mixed into all Liquitex acrylic paints and mediums to enhance the depth of colour intensity, increase transparency, give a gloss finish, ease the flow of paint by reducing its viscosity and add flexibility and adhesion to the paint film. Translucent when wet, it dries to a non-tacky, hard-wearing, flexible, transparent surface and is suitable for any flexible and inflexible surface including canvas, paper, wood and Plexiglas. Additional uses: Gloss fixative for paint, pastel, graphite, chalk ( Mix 1 part medium to 1 part distilled water and apply with atomiser or airbrush), liquid Glue for Collage or transparent ground for Acrylic Paint to allow substrate to be seen without paint soaking into it. It will provide a permanent, gloss protective layer for Acrylic Paint. Medium can be thinned up to 20% for better levelling or spray application.

This product has been relabled as Liquitex Gloss Medium. It no longer has 'varnish' in the title.