How to Make a Cotton Reel Christmas Tree

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Inspired by the Christmas Cotton Reel idea in the Your Magazine Christmas issue, I have gone Cotton Reel mad!

Christmas Craft with Cotton Reels

Here is Cotton Reel Christmas tree in a Scandinavian-come-Willy Wonka style!

Wooden Cotton Reels and Artiste Craft Acrylic Paint

Take some different sized reels and some acrylic paints in colours of your choice. I have gone for variations on the classic Christmas Green, Red and Gold. From a craft acrylic range, we have Dark Red, Jungle Green, Pomegranate, Metallic Antique Gold and a little Avocado.

Arranging your painted Cotton Reels

Paint the cotton reels and plan out your tree so that different sizes and colours sit next to each other and then, using lollysticks as battens at the back, glue them all in place with a glue gun – building a layer at a time.

LED lights fed into the reels make the tree sparkle

And no Christmas tree should be without Fairy Lights – a mini set of battery-powered LED fairy lights are perfect for poking through a few of the shorter reels for a fantastic festive feel!

And, if you like the Christmas message baubles, these are just polystyrene balls on kebab skewers. Use peel-off letter stickers to spell out your Christmas message, paint with acrylic paint and then peel off the stickers to reveal the message.