Making an Easter Display of Eggs!

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Decoupaged Egg Shapes in Delft-inspired Blue and White

Decoupage Eggs – For this sophisticated Delft look, I used off-cuts of wrapping paper and used Mod Podge, a decoupage glue, to cover some Plastic Eggs with it. A perfect centrepiece for Easter Sunday Tea!

Cut the paper for easier decoupaging

To make it easier to get round the odd shape, I took a rectangle of paper and secured it to the egg with just a single dollop of glue in the centre. I, then, cut slits into the paper almost all the way towards where the paper was glued. Each of these segments could then be smoothed around the egg and manipulated into shape. Apply glue to the back and front of the paper. This will make the paper weaker and easier to fold. Then crease and smooth the paper around the egg using the back of your nail to smooth out any ridges. The ink on good quality prints such as wrapping paper will not run as you do this. Apply the Mod Podge over the surface to finish.

Marbled Easter Eggs Marbled Eggs

Use Marbling Inks to create weird and wonderful patterns.

Set the table with co-ordinated style Painted Pastel Eggs

Use Acrylic Paint to simply paint your eggs in soft pastel shades. These can be used straight from the tube or bottle, will dry quickly, are waterproof and can be mixed to make a huge range of colours. Add some colour co-ordinated table accessories to make the display special. I have printed names onto Fabriano Tiziano Pastel Paper and cut into flag shapes for placenames. The flags are each held by a Wooden Cotton Reel painted with some of the same Acrylic Paint shades.

Interesting effects with Ink Dribbly Paint Eggs

Dips eggs into a pot of water coloured with watercolour or ink and allow the colour to run and pool around the egg. You can achive different effects by suspending the eggs and letting the watercolour run down or by placing the dipped eggs on a flat surface and letting it dry in a pool of colour. The same effect can be achieved with food colouring. The baskets used to display the eggs are little natural wicker baskets that I sprayed in suitably easter colours using Montana Gold Spray Paint.

Faberge-inspired egg decoration

Another idea for Easter Bonnet or Easter Table Piece decoration is a take on the Faberge Easter Egg. Simply take a plastic, Polystyrene Egg Shape or real egg shell and paint gold. I have used gold acrylic paint for a great metallic gold finish. Cut out elements from decorative papers – scroll motifs are particularly effective – and use Mod Podge to decoupage the elements onto the eggs. Place a few of the decorated eggs in a nest of shredded Gold Tissue Paper and attach to the crown or brim of a hat for a decadently rich Easter Bonnet.

A dreamy Easter Display

Easter Eggs on a Plate How will you decorate yours?