Making Christmas Decorations from Lolly Sticks

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Christmas Decorations handmade from Lolly Sticks, Paint and String

Lollysticks are a very cheap modelling material that can be used in many fantastic craft projects.

Christmas Trees

These rustic Christmas Tree Decorations need just lollysticks, acrylic paint in black and various shades of green, gilding wax and string.  

Lolly Sticks made into a Christmas Tree Decoration

Just a couple of sticks will do the job. You will also need a scalpel or craft knife, a cutting mat, sand paper, brushes, glue and an old cloth.

Here, we have made a short speeded-up film to show you how to make the tree.

Top Tips:

  • Use quite a wide Synthietic brush to apply the acrylic paint – we suggest one of the larger brushes from the Curtisward Aquamarine Flat Set …and a cheap or old bristle brush to dry brush the Gilding Wax on. For Dry Brushing, use paint straight from the tube or pot – dip the brush in the paint, rubbing the brush on a cloth and painting with just the paint residue left on the brush. 
  • The glue that we have used is clear and dries quickly. To ensure a good bond and to speed up the process if you are making a number of decorations, you could use clothes pegs to hold the pieces in place whilst you move onto the next tree.

Lolly Stick Angels that make great Christmas Tree Decorations

These Lolly Stick Christmas Angel Decorations just need acrylic paint, glue and string...

The ideal Lolly Sticks to make Angel Christmas Tree Decorations

and Lolly Sticks of course! We have used three jumbo sticks and one regular size for this project.

Here, we have made a little film to show how we made the Angels…

Top Tips:

  • To achieve the skin colour, we have used white, Naples Yellow Deep and Naples Yellow Red Acrylic Paint.
  • The Relief Paste is designed for use on glass, perspex, wood and ceramic. Used on paper, it will make it curl as it sets. We wanted this affect for the wings but if you prefer them flat, you can use very stiff card or more lolly sticks that will not curl. The Glitter Paste may come out of the tube a dull grey colour. Don’t worry – as it dries, the glitter starts to gleam!

Mini Sledges made using Lolly Sticks

For this project, all you will need is acrylic paint, gilding wax, glue and string…

The Lolly Sticks required to make a mini Sledge Christmas Tree Decoration

…and 5 regular-sized Lolly Sticks!

Here is the film showing you how they were made...

Top Tips:

  • When cutting Lolly Sticks to size, you only need to score them and then, holding the stick firmly on either side of the score line, snap in two. 
  • I have painted all the pieces a dark colour first to give the sledge a distressed, vintage look but, if you prefer, you can use bright Christmassy colours, glitter, spray snow or simply varnish for a natural wood look. 
  • Acrylic Paint dries really quickly so don’t leave paint on your brushes after use as this will result in a serious cleaning session or even a ruined brush!