Making Easter Themed Gift Boxes

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Easter themed Gift Boxes

These little Kraft Card Boxes are great for making truly unique, hand-crafted gifts for family and friends with decorations and messages of your choice.

Gift Boxes in progress

They can be decoupaged, covered in fabric, lined with Felt, encrusted with Gems or sequins or simply painted. For these ones, I used Mod Podge to cover the tops of the lids with tissue paper and painted the rest of the exterior of the boxes with Acrylic Paint in complimentary colours. Cut the tissue to size and shape prior to using the Mod Podge to glue it in place. Top tip – To ensure that the tissue and paint look its brightest, first apply a layer of White Acylic Gesso to the outside of the boxes.

Little Easter characters made from Sculpey Ultra Light

The little bunnies and chicks that adorn the top of these boxes are made from modelling clay. Keeping the shapes as simple as possible gives the figures a bit more character and fun as well as being easier to achieve! The eyes and noses are simply little holes made with a skewer. Fifteen minutes and the clay is hardened and ready for painting. Again Acrylic Paint is best as it dries quickly, covers the clay well and is waterproof once dry.

Bunny figures on top of the gift boxes

The little figures are secured to the lids with a Cool Melt Glue Gun and just a tiny squeeze of relief paste into the eye and nose holes makes them come alive!

Manga-inspired egg cup design

With loads of tissue left over, I used the Mod Podge again to decoupage an egg cup, an accompanying Polystyrene Egg and some card flower shapes. You can have loads of fun creating your own eggy characters. This one – inspired by manga illustration – was created with Acrylic Paint painted over the decoupaged tissue. The flowers were finished off with a button and an Artstraw for the stem. If you don’t have a button the right size and colour, why not make your own from modelling clay? Make simple disc shapes from the clay and use a modelling tool or skewer to pierce 2 holes in the centre and then bake for around 10mins and paint with Acrylic Paint.

The grass is simply a piece of A4 card with different sized ‘v’s cut into it along one short edge. Score about a third of the way down to create a fold line and fold the jagged edge up so it is at 90 degrees to the rest of the card. Fold or twist the occasional point for a really ‘grassy’ effect.