Create Your Own Wooden Cotton Reel Snowmen

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Snowmen made from Woooden Cotton Reels

Whether a little Carol Singing Trio or a full choir, this simple Christmas Craft can add festive fun to Christmas Trees or mantle-pieces. Or even hung out in the porch to welcome all your guests this Christmas!

Making Cotton Reel Snowmen

Wooden Spools are a great craft modelling material and usually come in bags of assorted sizes. Choose Spools of varying sizes to create characterful little Snowmen. Acrylic paint is the best paint to use on wooden decorative items as it dries quickly, is waterproof when dry and is waterbased so kids can have fun with them too!

As a finishing touch, thread ribbon up through the spools long enough to make a loop. Make knot at the bottom that is big enough to stop the spools sliding off and another knot at the top of the spools to secure the loop.