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Pro Arte Acrylix Series 203 Artist Brush Rigger

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The Series 203 from Pro Arte is an excellent range of Synthetic Riggers for Acrylic and thinned Oil in 6 sizes. The Rigger is noted for its long thin brush head which allows the artist to paint thin lines. Originally designed to paint the rigging on maritime paintings, the long hair absorbs any hand-shake so that the tip of the brush remains steady resulting in a thin, constant and straight line. Below are the approximate measurements of the diameters and lengths of the brush head. The approximate brush length is 22cm. Please beware larger sizes may have longer handles.

Size Diameter Length
0 1mm 22mm
1 1.5mm 22mm
2 1.75mm 25mm
3 2mm 27mm
4 3mm 28mm
6 4mm 32mm