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Pro Arte Artists Prolene Plus 5 Brush Wallet Set W2

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Pro Arte Prolene Plus brushes are made from the finest blend of prolene synthetic filaments and are exceedingly hardwaring and durable. They retain their shape, point and spring beautifully and have superb colour holding qualities. The ferrules are made from seamless gold plated nickel and the brushes are hand finished to a very high quality. The handles are made from polished teak. They are a superb brush from one of the worlds finest artists brush manufacturers. These brushes are most suitable for use with watercolour but can also be used with gouache, tempera, inks and thinned acrylic paints. The brushes in this wallet set are : No.1 Round, No.3 Round, No.5 Round, No.7 Round and 3/8" Flat One Stroke.
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