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Pro Arte Prolene Rigger Brush Series 103

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Pro Arte Series 101 Prolene Rigger Brushes are a very good rigger brush possessing length, strength and spring. Used mainly for watercolour, they are exceedingly hard wearing and unlike sable, will not damage easily. They have seamless nickel ferrules with Black polished handles with gold tips. Available in an extensive range of sizes and widely used for watercolour, gouache and other media. Below are the approximate measurements of the diameters and lengths of the brush head. The approximate brush length is 20cm. Please beware larger sizes may have longer handles

Size Diameter Length
0 1mm 20mm
1 1.5mm 22mm
2 1.75mm 24mm
3 2mm 26mm
4 2.5mm 28mm
5 3mm 30mm
6 3.5mm 32mm