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Pro Arte Ron Ranson Medium Artists 5 Brush Set

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The Pro Arte Ron Ranson Medium Artists 5 Brush Set is a fantastic value, high quality brush set that offers all kinds of mark-making options for the Watercolourist from washes to fine detail. The set contains many of the brushes that Art Tutors like their students to have for learning Watercolour Techniques as well as having the quality and variety that professional Artists will appreciate. It includes a Ron Ranson Medium Hake for Washes, a Pro Arte prolene 3/4" flat for washes and blocking in, a Pro Arte prolene size 14 round, a Pro Arte size 2 Rigger for fine lines and a Pro Arte Series 9A Sword Liner for lines, petals and foliage and flourishes. The Hake is made of natural goat hair that has great water-carrying properties for smooth washes and the prolene mimics natural hair well by having excellent spring as well as great water-carrying ability. Includes Free DVD: Ron Ransons Fast & Loose Technique Demonstration.
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