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Pro Arte Artists Sablene Synthetic Sable W14 Brush Set

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Pro Arte Sablene Synthetic Sable W14 Brush Set.

Brand new from Pro Arte – Artists Sablene Synthetic Sable Mix Brushes.

Pro arte have been developing a synthetic alternative to sable which, better than ever before, works much like pure sable. A quality brush using newly developed ‘Wave Synthetics’ creates spaces between the fibres to hold more water and gives more softness but still retains spring and point. Using a mixture of grades and thickness, this has been developed further to create something which is barely distinguishable from the real thing – Pro Arte Sablene Synthetic Sable.

The 6 Brush Set included here contains the following Brush Sizes: Flat Size 3/8", Round Sizes 8, 6, 4, 2, 0. The brushes are approximately 22 to 25cm in length (handle & brush head). Set supplied in Pro Arte plastic brush wallet.

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