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Pro Arte Series MP Miniature Brush Round Brush

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Series MP Miniature Brushes have a soft synthetic hair which is suitable for use with watercolour, thinned acrylic or oil paints. The brushes have a very responsive filament tip which achieves the finest detail making them ideal for intricate precision painting and painting small models. The handles are triangular in shape which fits nicely into the hand, giving a good holding precision. Approximate full brush length is 18cm. Sizes given below refer to the length and approximate diameter of the brush head at the widest point.

Size Diameter Length
10/0 0.5mm 5mm
5/0 0.8mm 5mm
000 1mm 6mm
00 1.25mm 7mm
0 1.25mm 10mm
1 1.5mm 11mm
2 2mm 12.5mm
1/8" 3mm 8mm