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Sennelier 24 Luxury Half Pan Watercolour Wooden Box Set

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Sennelier has created a luxury wooden box containing 24 Artists Watercolour half pans. The wooden box also includes a Porcelain Palette, a No.2 Squirrel Mop Wash Brush and No.3 Round Sable Brush.

The set also include the following colours: No.501 Lemon Yellow, No.517 Indian Yellow, No.566 Naples Yellow Deep, No. 675 French Vermilion, No.619 Bright Red, No.623 Venetian Red, No.689 Alizarin Crinson, No. 635 Carmine, No.679 Quinacridone Red, No.659 Opera Rose, No. 911 Cobalt Violet Light Hue, No. 917 Dioxazine Purple, No. 315 Ultramarine Deep, No.326 Pthalocyanine Blue, No. 344 Cinerous Blue, No. 899 Forest Green, No. 837 Viridian Green, No. 805 Phthalo Green Light, No. 252 Yellow Ochre, No. 211 Burnt Sienna, No. 703 Paynes Grey, No. 440 Warm Sepia, No. 205 Raw Umber and No. 755 Ivory Black. The exterior dimensions of the wooden box are 22x18.5x3.2cm.

Always striving for excellence, Sennelier introduce their re-worked honey-based Artist Watercolour. Using techniques perfected over the last 125 years, the best pigments, highest quality Kordofan Gum Arabic and purest honey, the range has long attained rich, luminous, intense colours that remain pure and lightfast. Now with increased honey content to aid preservation and luminosity, the colours are even more brilliant, long-lasting and smooth-flowing.

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