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Sennelier Artists Oil Stick Wooden Box Set 36 x 38ml

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Box set of 36 x 38ml Sennelier Artists Oil Sticks. The Sennelier Oil Stick is a composition of oil paint; A proportion of the oil is substituted with a neutral mineral wax, resulting in the stick appearance. Sennelier colours feature quality, pure pigments which are ground into vegetable oils (siccatives), selected for their low degree of yellowing with time. The choice of high concentration pigments also allows for excellent light resistance. Suitable for use on canvas, canvas boards, laminated panels and paper. 

Solid oil paint should be applied in a relatively thin film (no more than 1mm). Layers can be overlapped, in the same manner as oil paint, and can, if necessary, be thinned with turpentine. Before use, the surface film should be removed. This will re-form after a few days of non-use. Paint applied dries within 2 to 5 days depending on layer thickness and atmosphere conditions. Once dry, the paint may be varnished like conventional oil paint, after a minimum drying period of 6 months, using an oil paint finishing varnish.

This beautifully presented wooden box set contains 36 Oil sticks in a range of colours. Colours included in this set are: 003 Transparent Medium, 567 Naples Yellow, 529 Cadmium Yellow Light, 574 Primary Yellow, 533 Cadmium Yellow Deep, 687 Cadmium Orange, 675 French Vermillion Red, 605 Cadmium Red Light, 686 Primary Red, 690 Madder Lake Pink, 611 Cadmium Red Purple, 635 Carmine Red, 914 Manganese Violet, 318 Prussian Blue, 357 Ultramarine Blue, 365 Light Blue, 307 Cobalt Blue, 385 Primary Blue, 323 Cerulean Blue, 341 Turquoise Blue, 833 Cobalt Green Light, 837 Alizarin Green Lake, 823 Cadmium Green Light , 815 Chromium Oxide Green, 755 Ivory Black, 768 Vine Black, 703 Payne’s Grey, 211 Burnt Sienna, 259 Red Ochre, 202 Burnt Umber, 208 Raw Sienna, 252 Yellow Ochre, 250 Flesh Ochre, 116 Titanium White, 139 Antique White and 140 Iridescent White.


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