Create a Ghostly Halloween Scene

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Ghostly Portrait on a Halloween Poe-inspired writing desk

To ‘dress’ our Gothic Halloween scene, we have included a ghostly portrait.

Materials making a ghostly portrait

Print out an old photo and stick to a piece of Mount Board with some Spraymount. Suggest the bevelled edge of a picture mount by shading 5mm strips along two sides of the photo.

Montana Spray Cans

We, then, used Montana Spray Paint to spray an old, ornate frame and lightly sprayed over the mount and photo to partly obscure them to give the ghostly look. For this we used ‘Marble’ and a shade of light grey.

Traditional Drawing and Writing Materials

Traditional Drawing and Writing Materials such as Quill Pens with a tea-stained or slightly baked paper give that 'olde worlde' look to your gothic scene.