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Speedball Oblique Dip Pen Holder

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Durable and comfortable black plastic oblique holder, perfect for beginners and experienced calligraphers alike. This holder positions dip pen nibs at an oblique angle to help achieve smooth, easy use. The modified position of the nib makes it easier to produce neat and precise ink strokes by putting even pressure on both nib tines to create varying thick and thin lines. This helps alleviate any discomfort to the wrist or arm as well as reducing the risk of snagging or scratching the paper, which is usually caused by uneven pressure.

These holders are particularly ideal for right slanting calligraphy, Copperplate and Spencerian Script as well as drawing and lettering. Each holder is sold singularly and does not include nibs. The Speedball holder is able to hold following stocked nibs: No. 361 Steno, Plakats (All sizes), No. 29 Index Finger, No. 46 Cito Fein, No. 50 Pfannen, No. 68 Portee, Brause Hatat and Manuscript Round Hands (All sizes).

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