The Gilded Holly

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Gilded Holly and Ivy

Holly and Ivy painted with shades of Gold

Add a bit of bling to your Christmas mantlepiece display with gold paint.

Gold Holly

Here, we have taken some Holly and Ivy – those most christmassy of plants – and painted the tops of the leaves with Renaissance, Classic, White Fire and Florentine Gold paints from the Liquid Leaf range.

All the golds reflect the light just like real gold, changing tone with the light that hits them. The difference bewteen the different golds is their base colour with Renaissance being slightly pink like Rose Gold, Florentine being an opulent orange and Classic being yellow as can be seen on our chart below.

The shades of Liquid Leaf

Gold is all about the light! As light changes, a shade of gold can take on all kinds of colours.

Light of a candle bringing out the colours