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Winsor & Newton Pure Squirrel Pointed Wash Brush

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These Wash Brushes are made from the finest quality Pure Russian Blue Squirrel hair, which is ideal for watercolour washes. They are conical in shape with thick bellies and a fine point which enables the brush to hold a large amount of colour for washes and offer responsiveness and control when used for finer mark-making. These hand crafted brushes use natural goose quill for the ferrule which is more flexible and responsive than a metal ferrule and, apart from use with Watercolour, they are useful for gouache, silk painting and any fluid colour application. Approximate full brush length is 20cm. Sizes given below refer to the length and approximate diameter of the brush head at the widest point.

Size Diameter Length
000 5mm 19mm
00 7mm 21mm
0 7.5mm 23mm
1 8mm 27mm
2 9.5mm 28mm
3 10mm 29mm
4 11.5mm 31mm
5 12mm 34mm
6 13mm 37mm
8 15mm 43mm
10 20mm 47mm
12 22mm 50mm