Modelling materials from Polymer and Air-drying Clay, Plaster and Plaster Gauze and Board to Lollysticks, Polystyrene shapes and Artstraws.

Looking at Sculpey Polymer Clay



Modelling offers materials and tools for making any 3D artwork such as models, sculptures, maquettes, decorations, ornaments, costumes, collages and props. The range includes plaster, plaster gauze, polymer clays, wire, foam board, polystyrene shapes, epoxy putty and modelling pastes from, amongst others, Milliput, Sculpey, West Design, Seawhite of Brighton, Liquitex and Artstraws.

What is polymer clay? Polymer clay is a modelling material that is easy to mould and that can be baked hard in a domestic oven with no shrinkage or cracking making it ideal for professional modelling as well as craft. It does not dry out in air and, once baked, can be painted, sanded or carved into if required. There are several versions including Ultra Light, coloured and Firm for a variety of uses.

What is epoxy putty? Epoxy Putty such as Milliput is a versatile Putty which adheres to, seals and bonds with ceramics, wood, plastics, glass, metals and cement to create sculpture or models or repair picture mouldings, Object d'Art, Porcelain and Antiques.

What is plaster gauze? Plaster gauze consists of material strips impregnated with plaster. When the strips are submerged in water to the consistency of a wet flannel, they can then be moulded round an armature, built up in layers or scrunched into a shape to create a 3D object. As it dries, the plaster hardens to produce a light weight yet sturdy base that will accept paint and other materials being adhered to it.

What is Art Mache? Art Mache is a ready made paper pulp material for Papier Maché that can be used by children and adults. Just adding a little water makes an easy to use sculpting material that can be moulded when wet and sanded and painted when dry.