Let us introduce you to the quality brand names and experts in Art Materials manufacture that work with Curtisward to bring you the best in drawing, painting, craft and modelling supplies. Click in the boxes to see the range of products from each brand.




Brevelliers Cretacolor

Conté a Paris

Faber Castell


Golden Artist Colors





Magic Color

The Masters


Pro Arte



Royal Talens




St Cuthberts Mill



Winsor & Newton

Curtisward works with some of the best known brands in the art industry to ensure that you get the best quality materials, most suited to your artwork or project. We have carefully selected manufacturers and UK licence holders to supply us with a comprehensive range of top branded goods for fine art, illustration, design, calligraphy, model-making and printing that we, ourselves, have enjoyed using over the years.

Some of these brands have been stamped on our psyche because of their longevity, innovation, global presence and reputation whilst others have a long tradition of producing wonderful art materials but are only now becoming household names in the UK. For those of you who have used these brands, we are happy to see that you share our enthusiasm for them.

How do I learn more about the different Art Supplies brands? Click on a brand, above, and you will be taken to a page with a short history of that brand and the products they produce that Curtisward offers.

Where are most art materials made? Germany and Austria both have an outstanding number of artist’s paint, brush and pencil manufacturers with amazing histories and the Dutch and French make a huge number of paint, pastel and ink products under many different banners. America manufactures many quality craft and paint items and, in the UK, we have a long established brush-manufacturing industry. Most companies also have a second manufacturing location based in countries like China or Brazil for their children’s or student ranges.

How many Art Brands does Curtisward offer? Curtisward lists in access of 25 top brands specifically concerned with the production of art materials for the artist, illustrator, designer, print-maker or model-maker including Sennelier, Royal Talens, Faber Castell, Fabriano, Pro Arte, Raphael, Winsor & Newton and Brause to name but a few.