Within the Mixing category, you have everything you need to prepare your colour including palettes, palette knives, containers, solvents and mediums for the different types of paint and mixing guides.






Whether painting with Oil, Acrylic or Watercolour, there is a suitable Artist’s Palette to mix your colours on in this section. Traditional kidney-shaped wooden palettes suit Oil and Acrylic whilst ceramic pallettes are great for Watercolour, Gouache and Inks. We also offer a large range of plastic and disposable palettes that are convenient for Plein Air painting, for taking to classes or that just cut down on the cleaning! In addition, the Mixing section lists a choice of containers for solvents, mediums and water for mixing with paint.

What is a Stay Wet palette? A Stay Wet palette is a system for mixing acrylic paint on a wet surface to keep the quick-drying paint workable for longer. Most come with lids to slow down the drying time even further so that paint wastage is minimised.

What is a Tear Off palette? A Tear-off palette consists of a pad of glassine-type paper that will not absorb paint allowing it to be mixed on its surface. Each sheet can then be torn off and disposed off with no cleaning involved.

What is a Slant Well palette? When using Watercolour and ink, in particular, it is useful to see the difference in tone that each colour achieves when in a thin wash or more concentrated colour. The Slant well palette has angled troughs that clearly show this.   

What is a dipper? A dipper is a small pot – mostly made of metal or plastic – that can be clipped to a palette or work surface to contain water, mediums or solvents whilst working, particularly away from the studio. The idea being that a brush can simply be dipped into it to take up the fluid as required.
See our blog and product pages for more information regarding mixing.