Sketch Books are drawing paper - usually cartridge - bound with a cover in either a traditional case-bound style, with a Spiral spine or stapled. A must-have for every amatuer and professional artist for collating memories, momentos, moments and moods in a visual form to inspire and inform their Art Work.

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Why do I need a Sketchbook? A sketchbook is an essential bit of kit for any creative person. It can be used as a journal, visual record, scrapbook, an ‘ideas factory’ and a place to practice and refine your way of working. A well formed sketchbook can become a major source of inspiration and ensure that you develop as an artist, designer or crafter. In book form, all these ideas and memories can be stored neatly together and be seen as an insight into your creative processes.

What is a case bound sketchbook? Case Bound describes a sketch book that has hard covers and a hard spine so looks like a book.

What is a Spiral Bound Sketchbook? Sketchbooks that have a wire binding through perforations in the pages are called Spiral Bound. This allows the pages to be torn out if required without compromising the binding.

What type of paper do Sketchbooks have? A vast proportion of sketchbooks will have cartridge paper which is a versatile surface that will accept dry media such as pencil, pen, pastel and charcoal and small amounts of wet media such as inks, gouache and acrylic. There are also a certain number of sketchbooks that will contain Ingres Paper which is laid – having the imprint of the regular screen pattern of a papermaker's mould – and provides an excellent textured surface for pastel, pencil and charcoal and a few that contain Watercolour Papers.

What sizes are Sketchbooks available in? In the UK, most Sketchbooks are available in the rectangular ‘A’ sizes – A6 to A3 - in landscape and portrait orientation. Some European and most American Sketchbooks will favour traditional Imperial sizing such as 9”x12” and an increasing number are available in square formats.

What is portrait and landscape orientation? A portrait Sketchbook is bound along one long side whilst a landscape Sketchbook is bound along one of the short edges.