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Acrylic paints are water-based, polymer paints that can be used with both watercolour and oil painting techniques. They dry quickly and, once dry, become water-proof so are perfect for Craft & Murals both indoors and outdoors as well as for Fine Art.

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What is Acrylic Paint? Acrylic paint is pigment bound in a synthetic resin that is water-based and can be thinned with water but, once dried, is water-proof. It dries quickly and a good Acrylic will have strong colour and dry with a flexible film that will resist cracking even over time.

What is Acrylic Paint used for? Acrylic can be used in Fine Art Painting on a range of surfaces and also makes for a perfect paint for craft and children's projects. Originally developed for exterior murals, Acrylic Paints can be used in outdoor and indoor artworks on paper, wood, air-dried clay, stone, plaster, papier-maché, canvas, non-porous surfaces and some special formulations can be used on fabrics and metals.

What is the difference between Artists, Student and Craft Acrylics? Artist’s Acrylic paint will have a very high content of quality pigment and a strong resin binder, Student Acrylic will use lower quality pigments and craft Acrylic will be dye-based. The pure, single pigments of Artist’s Acrylic mix well whilst the blended pigments of students may muddy quickly when mixed with other colours. Craft paint generally comes in pre-mixed colour ranges and it may be difficult to achieve good colour mixes.

What is an Acrylic Medium? Mediums are a range of acrylic-based substances that can be added to the colour to change its consistency, texture, drying time, finish or flexibility.

When were Acrylic Paints first used? Acrylic Paint’s development was spurred on by a group of Artists working in Latin America in the 1920's, who required a paint that would dry quickly and be resistant to changing weather conditions in order to paint their exterior murals. Over the following 30 years, artists and scientists worked together to produce the ideal acrylic resin and, in the mid 1950s, the first commercially produced Acrylic Paint was launched.

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