Colour is the term that Art Materials Manufacturers apply to all substances, such as dyes, pigments or paints, which can be applied to a surface to produce an artwork. Pure pigments, acrylic paint, oil colour, watercolour, pencils, pens and markers, pastels, and inks are all included in Colour. Some of the best known and most respected brands in the production of colour are offered in this section of the Curtisward web site including Sennelier, Faber Castell, Cretacolor, Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Golden.

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What is paint? Paint is pigment held in a binder that can be applied to a surface to decorate or protect. The type of binder used will determine the nature and uses of the paint and, sometimes, the colours that can be produced with it. 

What types of artist’s paint are there? The three main types of paint used commonly by Artists and developed especially for producing artwork are Oil Colour, Watercolour Paint and Acrylic Paint. Oil Colour is pigment held in either safflower or linseed oil, Watercolour has a Gum Arabic binder and Acrylic paint is waterbased polymer paint with an acrylic resin binder. 

What is a paint medium? Mediums are substances that change paint when mixed with it to achieve a different drying time, finish, consistency, texture or use.

What is a pastel? There are two types of pastel – soft and oil. Soft or chalk pastels are pigment held loosely in a gum binder whilst oil pastels are pigment held in animal fat and wax.

What can I use for exterior painting? Acrylic Paint was developed for exterior murals so has durability, a waterproof finish and is quick-drying. For lightfastness, use artist quality. 

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