How to Make an Easter Boater Made from Card

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Cut a strip of card that is around 9-10cm wide and long enough to go around a child’s head. Wrap the strip around the crown of the wearer’s head and mark off where the card meets allowing for a little extra. Cut off the excess.

A strip of card to fit around the head

Lay the strip flat and draw lines 1cm in from both of the long edges. Cut ‘v’s in towards the lines all the way along to make tabs.

Make tabs olong the piece of card

Bend in the tabs along one of the edges and bend them the other way along the other edge. make the strip into a circle and fix with double sided tape. Place the strip with the inward facing tabs down onto a large piece of card.

Bend the tabs

Use Sellotape to fix all the tabs to the piece of card and then, using a sharp knife, cut the card where the headband now joins it.

Affixing the top and the brim

The ‘cap piece’ is now complete. The large piece of card should now have a cap sized circular hole in it. Draw a circle around that hole about 4 or 5 cm bigger all the way round and cut out. This will make the brim. Push the brim shape over the cap piece until it meets the outward facing tabs sticking out from the headband. Fix all the tabs to the brim with double sided sticky tape.

Ready to decorate

The boater is now ready for decorating.