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Conte a Paris Pastel Pencils Set of 12 (Ref: 2181)

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Conte a Paris Pastel Pencils are a very high quality artists pencil. They feature a density which is slightly harder and less pigmented than that of the soft pastel range. The pastel pencils compliment soft pastels well as their difference in density means that they can achieve more detailed and precise lines. The exceptional diameter (5mm) of the pastel pencil lead gives genuine freedom of creation and has an unrivalled feel. Unlike soft pastels, it is not recommended to use pastel pencils in successive color additions, but instead by applying side by side in a patchwork fashion so that the colours remain pure and do not lose their brightness.

This set contains 12 Conte a Paris Pastel Pencils presented inside a metal tin which features a carousel style image printed on the front as shown in the photos provided. The codes of the colours included in this set are as follows: 004 Medium Yellow, 012 Orange, 003 Vermilion, 048 Flesh, 046 Dark Ultramarine, 029 Light Blue, 002 Dark Green, 044 St Michael Green, 017 Yellow Ochre, 001 Bistre, 009 Black and 013 White.

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