Craft ideas for decorating Halloween Trick or Treat Baskets

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Kraft Basket Blanks

Using Kraft Baskets as a base, there are many different designs you can use to make these baskets as spooky as you like!

A Halloween Basket

Making Halloween Trick or Treat Baskets Start with a base coat of paint for your basket. We have used Acrylic Paint as a base for the three baskets pictured. Once your base coat has dried, it is time for embellishment and detail!

Making Halloween Trick or Treat Baskets

For this sparkly handle and our glittery spider, use a craft glue to cover the area you wish to coat with sparkle. Once the area is covered with glue, it’s time to gently pour on some glitter! Once the glitter is fully covering the area of glue, all you need to do is shake off the access glitter.

A mummy with googly eyes

For drawing images or words onto the basket, we recommend multi-surface paint pens, which are an essential item for craft work. You could also get creative and use items such as Wiggly Eyes, beads and buttons to decorate your baskets.

Halloween Trick or Treat Baskets

Finish off your baskets with a lining of Tissue or Crepe Paper and don’t forget to fill it with yummy sweets!