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Curtisward Artists Drawing Collection Wooden Avon Table Easel Box Set


Curtisward Artists Drawing Collection Wooden Avon Table Easel Box Set.

Curtisward has put together this limited edition gift set crammed with quality art materials. A great selection of materials ideal for drawing and calligraphy.

This selection comprises a Loxley Avon Box Easel which is essentially a wooden storage case that has a small easel incorporated into the side of it. To make up the set we have supplied with it the following materials:

A Brause Dip Pen Holder with three Dip Pen Nibs

A Set of twelve Cretacolour Graphite Pencils in various grades

A double ended pencil-charcoal-pastel extender

A Wooden handled foam brush

A Pipette

A spray diffuser - atomiser

A Cretacolor Monolith eraser

A Faber Castell Pencil Eraser Pen

A bottle of Talens Black Indian Ink

A Royal Talens Van Gogh Quill Bound Wash Brush

A Curtisward Multi Media Paper Pad A5

A Set of three Cretacolor Charcoal Pencils

A Set of twelve Cretacolor Graphite Drawing Pencils in assorted grades.

A pack of two Conte Carres Black Pastel Sticks.


The Loxley Avon Box Easel is a wooden box with slide-out storage drawer. The easel is built into the top of it and has an adjustable leg to change the angle. The box easel also has a handle on the side for easy transportation. Total Size when folded is approximately 35 x 26 x 8cm. Please note that the pad and bottle of ink that are supplied do not fit in the storage drawer with the other contents.